My Story (not big enough to be an our yet)

I had my first ciggy when I was around 5 or 6, well i pretended it was a cig anyway. It was a tightly rolled up piece of notepaper held together with sellotape but it was a fag to me. Thinking back I’m actually quite impressed with the thought and detail that went into making that “cig”. I must have had a practice run and discovered that when you roll a peace of paper up and stick it in the fire it just disintegrates in seconds. So I then rolled it nice and tight and put a strip of sellotape along the entire length to hold it not only together but to make it burn a bit slower (if only I was that inventive and smart now). I proudly smoked my makeshift cigarette thinking I was being grown up like my dad.
Naturally I moved on to nicking the odd real cigarette now and again from my dads packet when he wasn’t looking. I thought I was getting away with it until one Saturday afternoon when I was about 8 my dad took me to a Man City match. We were sitting in the North Stand, we seemed to sit or stand in a different part of the stadium each time we went. He got his ciggies out and he saw me looking at them and jokingly asked “do you want one”? I think I may have been a little too eager with my “yeah” reply. So he passed me one and lit a match and offered me a light, as I blew out my first cloud of smoke, he looked at me and uttered “you little b*****d”. I’d obviously been rumbled but seem to have rode it quite it well.
Weirdly though I don’t really remember smoking after that day, maybe my dad kind of achieved his goal in a roundabout kind of way. I just didn’t do the turning green and throwing up that he was probably expecting.
I eventually had the odd drag of a cig (and naughty herbal cig) round the back of the school gym and at house parties, though I was definitely on the can take it or leave it tip. It wasn’t until I left school and went to work on the market (I didn’t do too well at school) that I eventually bowed to peer pressure one day and accepted the John Players Special that was being waved in front of me, and so began what turned out to be a 35yr habit.
I remember my first ecig, I went to the off licence to buy some cigs and saw these new fan dangled ecig things on the counter. So I thought you know what I’m not going to buy any cigs I’m having one of them. I didn’t have enough cash on me to buy both, that ecig or cigalike as they’re known cost me the best part of 20 quid. I went back to the off licence with a sore throat the day after and bought a packet of cigs. I did keep trying to have a go with that cigalike thing and even bought a couple more thinking they might be better than my previous purchase. Alas this turned out to not be the case and smoking continued to be my master. I didn’t even think about smoking alternatives for a while after that, I tried going cold turkey but being the weak willed person that I am I had no chance. I even trained as a hypnotherapist as I had heard it had an incredibly high success rate when it came to smoking cessation. I think i was starting to get a bit of a clue that what works for some doesn’t work for all when I was hanging out my kitchen window having a cig before my clients arrived, then rushing back in there as soon as they’d gone to spark up another.
I then discovered the new kid on the block the ego ce4 set up with the wonderful array of flavoured liquids, there’s considerably more available nowadays though, although our TPD and FDA uneducated and corrupt "friends” are trying to take our flavours away from us. I shall maintain an angry silence on that subject for now, otherwise this would turn into a raging rant.                                                       Anyway so there I was with my amazing new vape pen and a selection of flavours to keep me going for a while. About 3-4 weeks later that amazing vape pen was chucked in the drawer apparently knackered. It was a couple of months later that I discovered that you needed to change the clearomiser regularly, NOBODY TOLD ME THAT! So I ordered a load of ce4 clearomisers and gave it another go and it was fine for a while but then I found it just wasn’t quite hitting the spot so it went back in the drawer. A few years later (5 years ago now) I managed to get a job with an ecig company and that’s when my real journey and love affair with vaping began. Unfortunately that job was short lived and I found myself jobless and potless again, but by now I was making my own juice and coils which was saving me a fortune and I was finally off the ciggies for good. The last few years I’ve found myself bouncing from one job to another as nobody seems to want to employ anybody for more than 12 weeks anymore. I knew I wanted to be involved in the vaping industry again but jobs were/are few and far between and it’s generally a bit of a closed shop when new shops open with regards to job opportunities. 

So since losing yet another short term contract job at the beginning of 2017 and being of an age where I’m kinda considered only good enough for the scrapheap. I decided that enough is enough and maybe now is the time to strike out alone, so with a wholehearted passion for vaping, the idea for Vape Junkie Clothing was born. With very little design knowledge and no money to pay for professional designers a steep learning curve ensued and is still being climbed daily. Slowly but surely my design ideas are becoming representational of the images I have in my mind and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Vape Junkie Clothing will only ever use products it knows and which have been tried and tested for their quality.

As all of our products are printed specifically to order so that your item has been printed just for you, this does take time. So with that in mind please be advised that all orders are estimated to be dispatched within 5 - 7 working days, except for blankets which sadly do take a little longer.

Are you tired of scrolling yet? It's ok you can relax now I'm done.

If you've had the patience to get this far down the page, let me take this opportunity to Thank You for taking the time to visit Vape Junkie Clothing and offer you a very warm Welcome.

Keep it cloudy, or if you're a flavour chaser, keep it flavourful, but most of all, keep it, keep vaping, because some lowlife in high places are trying to take it away from you

Big Love